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Thread: Apple II Joystick

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    Default Apple II Joystick

    Anybody know where to get new pots for an Apple II joystick? Or better yet, anybody know someone who can fix one?

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    Are they trully broken? Are you sure you cannot clean them and wake them up.

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    A shot of contact cleaner and full range of motion a few times has always done the trick for me. Though the wafers can get damaged it is pretty rare in my experience.

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    I'd try electronic contact cleaner first. But if it is well and truly done, you can rewire an old DB-15 PC joystick to work on the II. They are more common and cheaper.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bella Oxmyx View Post
    Anybody know where to get new pots for an Apple II joystick? Or better yet, anybody know someone who can fix one?
    As others have said.. contact cleaner. I had been using this stuff I got at radio shack 30 years ago... and, last year I ran out and tried 'deoxit d5' at the recommendation of my guitar shop. They use it on volume/tone pots... and wouldn't you know, it works wonders... easy to over do it, so just a little spray in the opening there and work it back and forth and you may find they're back to new. If you DO have to replace them, the apple ones are an uncommon value, and you may have to get creative.... Believe they're 150k ohm... haven't been able to find a suitable replacement myself, but perhaps someone has an idea here on what might be workable at least for basic paddles.

    Good luck!

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    I've yet to find a bad pot and not be able to fix it. Fixing pots is especially a normal thing for guitar and bass amplifier enthusiasts, as we want to retain the originality of the device. So there's tons of information on the subject at those locations. Here's a good example video:


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