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Thread: GW-BASIC source code released

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    Smile GW-BASIC source code released

    Now, I'm hoping that they'd go one further and release the sources for BASCOM as well. Those compiled-BASIC executables take the cake in being annoying to disassemble/debug... :: :: :: blog

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    It's an automated translation (CONV86?) from 8080 source, so there's a considerable amount of bloat in the code. (See an earlier post of mine about yours truly and the Intel translator). The code could likely be optimized to be less than 50% of the translated size, at least in terms of lines of code.

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    In the comments on the MS blog, someone says they assembled it, but it is missing some functions that are likely platform specific. It looks like an early version to me. Maybe the first version for MS-DOS for IBM compatibles based on BASICA?


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