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Thread: π for the Altair 8080

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    Default π for the Altair 8080

    Quote Originally Posted by edcross View Post
    Great project congrats, would love to see the Altair included .
    I have just made the code for CP/M-80. However as I know, the Altair has no any hardware to measure timings and therefore my code can't measure time. So I can't include the Altair 8800 results in my project (there is also sources location).
    BTW it is interesting that the 8080 code gives about 73% speed of the z80 code. I ran both codes on the same the z80 based computer.
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    Interesting! I'm going to run this on my Model 100 and submit a result.

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    Not the Altair 8080, but possibly the newest CP/M 2.2 machine.
    TRS-80 Model 100 with REXCPM upgrade, 80C85 processor @2.4576 MHz. Running CP/M 2.2
    100 : ~ 5 seconds
    1000: 340 seconds
    3000: 3052 seconds
    max # of digits = 7712


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