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Thread: NCR 7200 Data Entry Terminal & BASIC Cassette Tape

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    Default NCR 7200 Data Entry Terminal & BASIC Cassette Tape

    I'm looking for any Manuals or Pictures of the NCR 7200 Series to include the NCR BASIC Cassette Tape. I'm really interested in the NCR 7200 Model VI.

    Microsoft developed the BASIC Cassette Software for the NCR 7200 Series and I'm trying to find more information.

    Is "NCR BASIC +6", Microsoft Altair Extended BASIC for the NCR 7200?

    I have the Microsoft Catalog from December 1977? that mentions the NCR 7200 Series and Cassette BASIC. The Catalog also has a drawing of the NCR 7200 .
    See below for extract from Microsoft Brochure:

    As an example, Microsoft delivered to NCR Corporation a complete
    cassette-based BASIC tailored for use with the NCR 7200 series product line.
    Ten statements and eight functions were added to BASIC to allow easy creation
    and modification of cassette files. Special interfaces were added to support
    NCR's wide line of peripherals. Features that NCR felt were unnecessary for
    their intended market were removed from BASIC to give users more memory
    for program storage.

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    I discovered NCR made a NCR Basic +6 pocket reference card. Does anybody have one?


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