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Thread: radeon X800GTO

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    Just bitzed an oldish PC which had this graphics card in it.

    From the built in fan and thermal pipe cooling it must have been something, apparently 2005?

    Anyone know any more, searching just produces lots of sites where you have to sign in, log on or similar, and since I am not really interested in gaming won't do it.

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    The x800GTO was a lower midrange card in the x800 lineup, but still a very respectable performer. It offered around a 50% increase in performance over the former generation R300 Radeon 9800 Pro.

    I had one back then and it was a very good card paired with my Athlon 64 3700+.

    As for the heatsink design, heatsinks in the early to mid 2000s were... interesting to say the least. ATI GPUs didn't really run very hot until the x1000 series, unlike Nvidia FX 5000 series cards at the time which were widely panned for their huge blowers and excessive noise. The tables quickly turned back to Nvidia's favor with the Geforce 6 series, which bested pretty much all of ATI's offerings.


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