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Thread: LISP on the Model 1

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    Default LISP on the Model 1

    To my surprise, I found 3 different LISPs for the Model 1:
    - AI Tech Lisp
    - LISP v1.0 from Cyber Innovations
    - LISP v5.0 from Mike Stumpf

    Only for the latter I was able to find some documentation.
    Any pointers for the other ones please?

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    Might be a starting point:

    I'll keep looking.

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    Thanks for the pointer.
    Uhhh, BASIC Lisp! That must be fun... seems Lisp wouldn't be slow enough by itself already
    Yes, that is more like a Lisp Tutorial. Not bad though, but Lisp in BASIC is a bit of a show stopper...
    Hopefully, the Lisp's listed above are implemented in machine code. Lisp v5.0 has a word document inside the archive, and I was able to use it out of the box.

    Did anybody do any serious work with Lisp on the TRS-80 (1, 3, 4)? If so, please speak


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