Hey there!

as my usual venues are not that interested in this, I thought reaching out in other vintage forums might be a good idea

Hope you like it!


Found this on ebay recently, sold as broken and couldn't resist. My last big project was building out old Thinkpads + big docks (486 up to Pentium M) and as there are no good matches from IBM going lower I wanted to go for a Compaq in a big dock and found this.

It was used by german Telekom around 1995 for telephone/distribution point setup/testing and the original software is still on there! Built by a german company that still exists today. I reached out to them, but no one working there that remembers these things. They will look for old documentation though.

I had to repair a few things (details you can find in this album: https://imgur.com/a/PvJfvZ6)

As this is my first old compaq, I have a few questions now

- Is there any way to freely set CHS in this BIOS so that I get to use a CF card instead of the HDD? My HDD repair is questionable (Normal ticking of death, literally whacked it into compliance and that actually worked...)
- Anyone know compatible floppy drives? I bought a few with apparently the same 26 pin flex connector, but those seem to be newer ones
- Anyone seen the card reader before? I still have to take apart the dock fully, but looks like it's hooked up to serial, while the second port is available on the dock itself. No drivers and no integration into any of the custom software as far as I could find
- I want to continue to restore/expand the case/dock. Bought some new locks and a SB16. Power is easily accessible so I would like to put a headphone jack and some amplifier + small speakers in there too

Any other ideas?