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Thread: For Rare Systems: A question of modification

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    Quote Originally Posted by onre View Post
    No, mine has a completely normal picture without any visible artifacts like that.
    Yeah, I don't know what this LCD screen is all about, but they used the subpixels as the elemental display unit instead of "all-three subpixels-as-one", so it makes a very odd display.

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    Those fins look like they could be removed by scoring at the base with a hobby knife (an Exacto #11 blade, the best hobby knife blade in the world) and then snapping off. with pliers. Use a dab of hot glue or superglue to fix the tabs laying down inside the case so that they are there if you / someone ever wants to fix them back on. Or, more the feeling that someone did this mod and actually cared about what they were doing.

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    There's many laptops out there that has hot melt glue and/or epoxy holding the LCD lids together when the plastic cracked or the old LCD's were swapped with something that works. Been there, done that. One of my favorite repairs was a piece of fiberglass "string" from around a copy of the Sunday LA Times mixed into epoxy to bond the broken brass LCD hinge screw inserts to the inside of the LCD panel when new plastics was made from unobtainium. All hidden when the lid was put back together. Ditto with repairing broken plastics, some epoxy and Bondo plus hobby spray paint -- good as new.
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