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Thread: Compaq Portable II Possible Problems

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    Default Compaq Portable II Possible Problems

    Hi all, I have recently come across a deal for a Compaq Portable II that is in near-perfect physical condition. I have not bought it yet, due to its lack of functionality. However, they did describe some of the issues it currently has.

    Currently, they say that it does not have any video, makes a constant beeping noise (I am not sure whether this means static or pulsing), and has the hard drive light flash (Implying that there is likely both power and drive access occurring).

    I don't think that this is a capacitor issue on the motherboard or expansion cards, since that would prevent any activity other than the fan turning on. If you have any theories on what the issue is, please let me know what they are, and if the issues are fixable. If it is very difficult, expensive, or painful to fix, I will likely not buy it. Thanks!

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    Generally, if you're asking these questions, you should avoid it.

    If you have experience with troubleshooting these systems, asking the seller for a video of what it does on powerup, including a closeup of the screen, usually informs you enough to make a decision.
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    I might ask them to clarify what "continuously beeping" means. Since it could just be a standard error code or a bad chip/broken trace/bad solder joint causing a speaker malfunction. After looking even more, I found a write-up on vogons describing a Compaq Portable II with video issues as well, which was fixed with recapping the motherboard, video card, and the PSU. Thanks for the input!

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