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Thread: VAXmate output to VGA Monitor

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    Default VAXmate output to VGA Monitor

    Given that it seems unlikely that I will ever be able to replace the flyback transformer in the monitor for my VAXmate, my next option is to try to use an external VGA monitor driven from the I/O board.

    The I/O board produces RGBI, H and V sync. H sync is 26.4KHz, V sync is 60Hz. The RGBI signal amplitude is 5V, and VGA uses 0.7V, so I can't feed this direct to a VGA monitor.

    I have a VR241 which apparently might be able to work with these signals, but I don't want to risk damaging it.

    I have been trying to see if any converters exist that would go from these 5V signals to something that will work with VGA. I have an LCD monitor that will sync down to 24KZ, so I think I just need to get the RGBI signals down to the right amplitude.

    Does anyone know if such a converter exists? Or could I just use a resistive divider to bring the amplitudes down?

    All suggestions gratefully received.



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    We will have to stop meeting like this. I did a bit of googling and many circuits rely on the monitor being 75ohm resistive and use 330 ohm series resistors I am not sure all are. e.g.:-

    I think I would go for the level shifter. I would be rather more worried about the ability of the TTL in the VAXMate to source the 12ma needed to deliver 1v into 75ohms rather than the monitor over loading....

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    The RGBtoHDMI is a very flexible converter, however it might be overkill if you already have a monitor that will work with the frequencies the VAXmate outputs.
    Plus it is another project to assemble.


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