Texas -[FS]- TRS-80 Model 4 "CPC System Model 44"

CPC Systems rebranded TRS-80 Model 4, comes with;
  1. 2x 180K floppy drives
  2. 128 KB RAM
  3. RS232C board
  4. Green CRT

Work performed on the system;
  1. Cleaned inside and out
  2. PSU Reflow of solders joints and replacement of Rifa's.
  3. replacement of the 2 flat cables from motherboard to FDD and RS232C boards
  4. replacement of the Floppy disk controller board

Faults to be aware of;
  1. the left shift key is not responsive, every other key works
  2. the upper portion of the case was replace due to original one was damaged (see pictures)
  3. new case is clean except normal wear and writing on back of case (see images)

Looking to sell for 300$, will deliver for 50$ (up to 200 Miles) by car.
Greyhound, or UPS delivery possible to most major city centers, buyer pays current cost for shipping, packaging, and insurance.

PM me here
Email me directly : texastandyrestorations@gmail.com
Contact me on on Facebook messenger : https://www.facebook.com/TexasTandyRestorations/

Pictures can all be viewed from this drive link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folde...og?usp=sharing