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Thread: Alto Keyset - Has this been replicated yet?

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    A quick WIP update on my keyset replica. My 3D printer was broken for a few weeks but I repaired it yesterday. I printed a test section of the base to check alignment and hole sizes and to fit the microswitch brackets, which
    has helped as some dimensions need to be tweaked. The microswitches I have are all from salvaged junk. Although they all have levers, some have a curve at the tip so I need to straighten them out and trim to the same length as the others.
    The screws I have are a mix of self-tapping and regular machine screws, once again just what I have lying around, but I'll buy some more suitable ones if I make any more. The rod won't be trimmed until I machine the e-clip grooves. I have some multi-core wire for the lead and am looking at a few el-cheapo SOC options for keyswitch to USB, so it maps to the function keys of ContrAlto.
    Once things are sorted out with the prototype I may consider offering the keyset replica as a kit if there was any interest.
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    That's great but just today I had to take apart one of my 3D printers that has a microswitch for the lid just like those and the switch broke and the metal lever fell out.
    Don't know if it is easily done but some larger more robust switches might be a good idea though I am sure one can buy 10 of those out of China cheaply and just throw the broken ones out....
    Will you release the models for others to make for themselves?

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    The microswitches I have for the prototype are made in Japan. You're probably right about Golden Dragon ones being available for cheap but I haven't looked. By the way the original p/n switch is still available but expensive.

    At this stage I am not set on what I'll do. I've put a few hours into it so far... I think it's fair to ask for some return, whether that is in the form of a kit for sale, a fully-assembled item or some cost for a copy of the STL files, I don't really know yet but it could help defray the cost of printer filament or something. I do have a bunch of free CAD models on the web and will continue to do those as well as things like this.


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