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Thread: Paradise PVGA1A-JK isa 8 bits

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    Default Paradise PVGA1A-JK isa 8 bits

    Hello there !

    I try to fine tune my 80286-12 + 2 mb + 80287XL + hdd 40 mb + fd 5,25 p + fd 3.5 p + 3C509B...

    Everything ok under dos 6.22. Even networking with mtcp !

    Now I am at Windows 3.1 stage !

    The video board (a 8 bits isa Paradise PVGA1A-JK chip + 8 x 4464 memory chips) works well in VGA mode and in Super VGA 800x600x16 mode (with standard Microsoft drivers coming with Windows 3.1).

    So I think it should also work in Super VGA 640x480x256 mode but... no ! With this driver (again coming with Windows 3.1) system hang at Windows startup...

    I dont think I made something wrong... but this look strange to me !

    Googling around that show that a Paradise driver should do the job but everything I have found under the name Paradise or WD and test dont work...

    So again I hope an explanation and may be a link to suitable windows 3.x driver for this board....

    Thank you very much. Regards.

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    Yes !

    Choice is not easy. If have test two coming from this page and both fail in 640x480x256 and in 800x600x16.

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    I _think_ you need 512k of ram for 640x480x256.

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    Right. I have this same card. The RAM chips are 41464 chips = 64Kx4. So only 256K on the card.

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    There should be a VGA driver for 640x400x256 (400 lines, not 480), which fits into 256kb.
    Since you have an AT system, why not upgrade to a 16-bit VGA card?
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    You are right : basic calculations show that 640x480x256 colors don't fit in the memory board (256 kB) but that 800x600x16 colors is ok...

    And I pay not sufficient attention to the 400 - 480 lines detail.

    Thank you for all your replies.

    PS yes I think to change this board but this one look and have a 'speed' from last century so...

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    Your VGA card doesn't support 640x480 (256 colors) with 256KB VRAM.
    It needs over 300KB of VRAM.
    So you should increase VRAM.


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