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Thread: Help needed identifying 8-bit ISA mit 15-pin D-Sub Connector

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    Default Help needed identifying 8-bit ISA mit 15-pin D-Sub Connector

    Dear all,

    I just obtained a IBM PC/AT 5170 which had a special 8-Bit ISA card in it. The card has a 15-pin male D-Sub connector on the slot cover. Several ICs with an IBM label on it and a part numbers that would fit the IBM scheme. If I enter the part number into google, I get all kind of contradicting information on this card, incl. it is a network adapter, a LCD-Display controller or an advanced emulation card. All prints that I could find on the card are below. Does anybody know what card this is?

    6204913 EC A13192A
    6204914 EC#A13192B
    01 420 6204913
    C3 MLZ1 CS47-86
    7558 10 FF RIMG_8616.jpgIMG_8609.jpgIMG_8613.jpgIMG_8614.jpgIMG_8615.jpgIMG_8617.jpgIMG_8618.jpgIMG_8619.jpgIMG_8616.jpgIMG_8611.jpgIMG_8612.jpg

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    That is a IBM 5250 TwinAx Terminal Emulation card. The DA-15M goes to a TwinAx dongle.
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