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Thread: What is/are your Project(s) during this pandemic ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bladamson View Post
    How exactly is it giving you trouble? The only speed bump I had with mine is I didn't realize at first that I had to re-flash the rom with different settings if I changed the dip switches.

    Without the internal hard drive, it simply does not seem to find the ROM. If you have it working with a 1000 RLX, please tell me the ROM version and board version. Thanks

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    In 2013, I got a Mac Classic. I partly recapped it back then and did a quick test, it worked fine but needed a new hard disk. While I found a working replacement hard disk not long after, I never finished refurbishing the Classic, since it was so damn dirty inside that I knew it would take too much time and I had so many other Macs already. But time is not much of an issue currently...

    I started about a week ago with renewing the recapping and disassembling the front part incl. the CRT. This is how the CRT looked before:


    And after a first cleaning:


    I don't know the exact history of the unit, but a label on the case lit. saying "Don't turn this computer off, please" suggests that it was used as a file or print server and was running 24/7. Guess that explains the dirt inside.

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    My current project is trying to motivate myself to convert all the MISE/M3SE applications and utilities for the new Wireless/SD module.
    The hardware is done, but the software conversion is a drag. Man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Zwerko View Post
    My current project is trying to motivate myself to convert all the MISE/M3SE applications and utilities for the new Wireless/SD module.
    The hardware is done, but the software conversion is a drag. Man.
    Is this an upgrade for the MISE and M3SE?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alphasite View Post
    Is this an upgrade for the MISE and M3SE?
    It will be an upgrade. The problem is that the dual CompactFlash adapters are getting hard to find. I still have a pretty big inventory of them, but still, I have to think of the future.

    So the idea is you pop out the CF adapter and plug in the new board. Bam... you now have WiFi and SD storage. As a bonus, you also still have wired Ethernet.

    This might eventually become standard equipment, but we'll see how it goes.

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    So many projects, and only one of them is tandy focused since I've actually finished all my trs-80 model 4 specific projects (Woohoo).

    . Finish building FreHD - This is actually built and I tested it on my TRS-80 and while the regular functions work (time/date and programming of pic chip), I can't seem to get it to see the SD card at all. I tried three different SD cards so I'm not clear what is going on with it. I don't plan to use this on my trs-80 since I'm using the TRS-IO on that, so this is just to validate it works before I get the kaypro shim working.

    . Get the kaypro shim working. Sadly, it's also built but not working. Since my kaypro is the older model II/83 version, it uses a modified version of the kaypro 2/84 shim. It also needs a special GAL file and until Jaq logs in again to read my email, i'm stuck on that as well.

    . Tandy 1000 SX RGB 2 VGA Mod. I broke down and got one of those GGLabs CGA2RGB, but it didn't work. Turns out the chip was bad, got another gal programmed chip and still didn't work. I think i'll just build somethng myself. Theres a number of 10+ year old RGB 2 VGA schematics out there that just need to be modified to use modern parts, so the plan is to work on that eventually. Will likely need help from a friend of mine but he's been too busy making youtube videos as of late.

    . PetSD. This is built, but the connector got lost on route from china during the pandemic, so I'll likely have to order the part again and wait another two months. Can't get myself to pay $10 for a $1 part just to get it from a US seller.

    . SDrive Max - Built but not working with my Atari 800. Since this is a super simple thing, it must be an issue with the my atari 800 SIO port. Needs investigation.

    . Finish building the Plipbox for my Amiga 3000. Have the parts, just haven't had the interest to work on it since I don't really have any Amiga nostalgia.

    . Finish building a IIGS ADTPro cable so I can make disks for my Mac 512/plus computers. The cable I got was wired wrong, and rather than rewire that, i'm just going to wire up an ftdi cable with a Mini Din 8 directly, but the mini din 8 is coming from China also.

    . Building a power supply for a Colecovision i have that came without one. Easy enough to do, just haven't the interest in something I may not even use.

    . 3d print some gears for Mac drives. These are small parts that needs a well calibrated 3d printer, and I haven't done that yet with my SLA printer.

    . CFFA card - This is built, but waiting on USB Blaster that got lost in the mail to program the Altera chip.

    . FloppyEmu's - waiting on a chip.. and the courage to attempt SMD soldering

    . Finalgrom - Already have the flashrom 99 for the TI-99 so this hasn't been a priority and I honestly forgot all about it until doing this post.

    I have a few other ideas for things i'd like to do, but they haven't made it out of drawing board stage yet. Like I'm trying to come up with a nice way to do a 3d printed Pi1541 holder that can fit in the floppy bay of my SX-64. There are other things I want to do but they aren't projects I can handle myself so will probably need to just break down and order stuff (like ram expansion and SD for my Atari ST). I also have some small little pcb's to build for things, like jiffydos mod for my second c64 and a couple other pcb's to build out, but those are just things i'll do as I need them, not an official project.
    -- Brian

    Systems: Amstad PCW 8256, Apple IIe/II+/GS/Mac+/Mac 512k, Atari 800/520STFM, Commodore 64/128/Amiga 3000/PET 4032/SX-64, IBM PS/1 2121-B82, Kaypro II, Osborne 1, Tandy 1000 SX, TI-99/4A, Timex Sinclair 1000, TRS-80 Color Computer 3/Model 4 GA

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    Projects. Hrm...

    1: I keep meaning to getting around to shaking the bushes to see if anyone (*technically:"enough anyone-s") wants a copy of my ridiculous multi-fuction Tandy 1000 EX/HX expansion board before I call that project "done" and move on. Practically speaking I'm not sure how much of a market there is for adding EMS memory and bus pass-throughs for network cards or whatever to those machines but, hey, practicality isn't everything.

    2: Related to the above: I keep thinking about the idea of turning out a similar card for conventionally slotted XTs/Tandy 1000s. (Or maybe a carrier card so the same board can work in those, like the old Plus adapter card Tandy sold.) But I don't have an XT or "regular" 1000 at the moment, so until/unless one falls into my lap I guess any ambitions of resurrecting the AST 6-pack will go unfulfilled.

    3: In a fit of crazy ambition I bought a few RTL8019A Ethernet controller chips and Ethernet jacks with built-in magnetics off AliExpress months ago. Now they're staring at me demanding I try to build them into a native Tandy Plus Ethernet card. Doing so would mean teaching myself fine-pitch SMD soldering. So... I guess that's on my to-do list, maybe.

    4: (Not Tandy) Need to get back to the perhaps-maybe-overly-ambitious scheme to build an XTIDE adapter for the PC Convertible. Been kind of dragging my feet because the poor thing really needs some TLC before I feel like it's working well enough to ensure that I won't be chasing its problems at the same time I'm trying to debug whatever I build for it. :/ Tried to order some alps clone keycaps and keyswitches to replace the ones that are not working on its beat up little keyboard from China and that order apparently fell through a hole in the earth's crust.

    5: (Not Tandy) Actually play with the Apple IIgs; specifically, I bought a CompactFlash card for it almost a year ago and I haven't used it *at all*.

    6: (Not Tandy) Install the ROM upgrade in the IIc and get it working with the FloppyEMU acting as a hard disk. I love the IIc but it'd be nice to not have to be slaved to floppies.

    7: (Tandy Again) Finally get around to buying some more Goteks to convert to Flashfloppy and install them in the Model 4P. I've been neglecting my B&W TRS-80s.
    My Retro-computing YouTube Channel (updates... eventually?): Paleozoic PCs

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    Wow, a huge thanks for doing those!
    I've only been looking through only 3 of them so far, and they are filled with all sorts of curious and interesting articles and ads, and component packaging long-since disappeared.
    Here are some things that caught my eye:

    In :
    'SEMDECTRON' solid-state version of a cold-cathode counting tube page 5
    Ferrite cores wound from tape page 35
    Magnetic-Film Rods provide high-speed memory page 52
    Production methods for Welded Circuits (like in the AGC?) page 68

    In :
    The groovy "Now Generation" SCR! page 36
    Miniature Datacube power supplies used in Apollo TV camera pages 71 and 147
    Fluidic digital controller by Pitney Bowes page 96
    Advertisement for Sharp Micro Compet hand-held calculator page 156
    Curtis 620-PC Elapsed Time Indicator (how the heck does this thing work??) page 132

    In :
    Advertisement showing the Tory II nuclear jet engine page 23
    High-efficiency radiation from semiconductor diodes may one day light buildings and spaceships (LEDs?) page 63

    In :
    DEC XVM-200 computer (PDP-15?) page 34

    And ads for a slew of minicomputer manufacturers I had never even heard of.
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