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Thread: Gauging interest: Bootable XT SCSI card

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    Quote Originally Posted by bladamson View Post
    Is it the card itself that doesn't work with CDROMs?
    So far as I know standard IDE CD-ROM drivers (IE, the "oakcdrom.sys" or "uide.sys" low-level part, not the higher MSCDROM extensions) bang on the raw hardware and don't care about the BIOS one way or the other so, yeah, I don't think there'd be any problem when you're using the XTIDE BIOS with a conventional ATA controller.

    A driver to work with the actual XTIDE hardware would need to know about its, well, 8-bit-y-ness and nonstandard I/O mapping.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eudimorphodon View Post
    I have network cards in my machines, so that's actually my go-to solution for most file transfer situations. Now it's true that the overhead for network drives can vary a lot (from only about 20k for EtherDFS and a light packet driver to... very much more, if you're loading a whole Microsoft network stack or similar*), but when you start comparing that to how much a CD driver and MSCDEX chews up... I guess I'd rather have the network card by a fair margin if it's an either/or.

    (* Of course, my favorite quick-and-dirty way of shooting something over to the XT is piping a ZIP file into netcat. Overhead for that is the 5k for the packet driver, and that's it.)
    I haven't done anything with my Tandy 1000, but I did set up my PS/1 with the full microsoft network stack so I could access network shares off a samba NAS so that's usually my go-to solution. It's specifically used for IMD to image floppies to and from a network share so I don't have to deal with the ftp stuff. I originally planned to do it so I could also play games on that machine and have the saves stay backed up on the NAS and allow me to use any machine and reload saves, but it turns out that I'm not a PC gamer. I doubt the full stack would work very well on the Tandy though, but I guess I'll eventually figure that out.
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    I can't remember if the Atomic pi has a serial port, I think so. But any sbc with one (and I have several socket 7 sbc's) can host as much storage for an xt as you could ever need. And even act as a print server.


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