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Thread: TI S1505 Info or interest

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    Default TI S1505 Info or interest


    Years (20+) ago I was given a TI S1505 system that had no drives, but included the S1505 motherboard, a multidrop card and I think another serial card. I was able to briefly at the time get the firmware to give me some info, but not able to do much else. I _think_ it still works, but the case had to be surrendered to the moving gods, so I just have the electronics now (e.g. boards and power supply)

    All I've ever been able to find out about the system is located at

    Is there another source of info, perhaps including some deeper technical information and/or OS images?


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    I'm not familiar with this series of unix machines but the linked page mentions that they were closely related to the Explorer LISP systems and I remembered that there is a working emulator for those:

    You might find some more info about the TI Nubus implementations through that path, I seem to remember that most Nubus implementations were like eurocard and usually proprietary to the manufacturer.

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    Do you have any way to take pictures of the boards that you have, or to dump the firmware in the eproms?
    It probably has boards in common with the Explorer.

    Do any of the boards look like those under

    I have scans of some 1500 manuals under

    The software I was able to find is located here

    The other problem you will have is the software is node-locked with a hardware dongle.

    Blowing the cobwebs out of my memory, I do have a 1505 board somewhere as well.
    As Mike says on his page, these were single-board systems and not very much like the Explorer at all.
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