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Thread: Tektronix 4052

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roland Huisman View Post
    Well no 4116 in stock unfortunately. But I found about 50 brand new 8116 chips.
    Checked the data sheets and they appeared to be compatible with the 4116.
    So I used one of these along with the rest of the 32K expansion chips.

    And the system didn't boot any more. So again the debug tool in the machine.
    Clearly two broken bits in the higher memory part. So replaced another two of
    these chips with the 8116.

    Attachment 62020 Attachment 62021

    Now the system is passing all of the tests!

    Attachment 62022 Attachment 62023 Attachment 62024 Attachment 62025

    Jos pointed me to the documentation for the CRC list so I can check my ROMs...
    And it seems that U0880 does not have the right CRC for the patched V4.3 software.

    Attachment 62026

    btw, I lost count on how many times I forgot to connect that 5V plug...

    For now I think this was a nice day so far for a machine which I got for free for spare parts
    To be continued...

    Regards, Roland

    You certainly got a great deal

    I'm looking at the TEK_Supplied_CRC_Lists.pdf that Jos put on his ftp site with the Diagnostic ROM info.

    Either the U880 ROM needs to be looked at and reseated or the Patch ROMs - and that might fix the problem.

    I did find black corrosion on the pins of all the ROMs in my 4052 and 4054 when I was capturing the data in each one.


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    Once you can get RS-232 working to your 4052 from a PC, you can try all the software and games I have posted


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    Hi Monty,

    I did clean the black corroded pins already. Jos has a spare U880 ROM + patch for me.
    When Jos is here again to pick up some stuff, he takes my serial plug in unit
    with him to read the ROM and PAL. Then he sent it back to me together with the ROMs.
    So after that I will check out your enormous game and programs collection!

    Regards, Roland
    WTB: Case for Altair 8800 ...... Rolands Github projects

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    I've got these docs together with the 4010 and 4052. Anything interesting which is not on the WWW?

    405x related:

    IMG_20200718_100123.jpg IMG_20200718_100126.jpg IMG_20200718_100118.jpg IMG_20200718_100141.jpg

    IMG_20200718_100129.jpg IMG_20200718_100132.jpg IMG_20200718_100138.jpg

    This is for my serial module, I will scan it.

    401x related:

    IMG_20200718_100154.jpg IMG_20200718_100149.jpg IMG_20200718_100158.jpg
    Maybe the PDP11 related doc is not on the web yet?

    Regards, Roland
    WTB: Case for Altair 8800 ...... Rolands Github projects

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    Yes, please scan the TransEra serial module operators manual - then we can figure out how to use that interface to get programs in and out of your computer from a PC.

    I scanned and posted my RS-232 Printer Interface manual 070-2908-00 on my github repo with my capture of the ROM:

    But if your manual is a newer version, it would be good to scan and post it.

    I would like to see the TTY manual scan for two reasons:
    • I'm trying to connect a Tektronix 4041 to a 4052 with serial and think that manual will have some tips.
    • I also have just put together a PiDP-11/70 kit and want to connect my 4052 and send the PDP plot files to the 4052 emulating a 4012 terminal.

    The TekWiki already has posted the 4012 users manual and service manuals.

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