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Thread: Wyse Decision 386/25 "No Boot Sector On Hard Disk"

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    Default Wyse Decision 386/25 "No Boot Sector On Hard Disk"

    Hello, I have a Wyse 386/25 computer. It has an adaptec SCSI card that connects to a seagate ST2383N hard disk. The problem is that it cannot find the boot sector somehow?

    I have a SCSI card that connects via pci to my computer, and it seems to boot fine to Xenix System V, but then encounters a kernal panic, probably due to the different hardware.

    My question is what is making the computer unable to find the boot sector?

    Thank you

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    Just a guess: The last two bytes of a boot sector are "signature bytes", which older operating systems (such as Xenix) and BIOSes did not check.

    Otherwise, it could be geometry differences (given that you run different SCSI host adapters on both machines), but I am not too familiar with SCSI to know if that's a likely issue.

    Anyway, you need to provide more information to get a more meaningful answer.
    There are many possibilities why "the computer" (disk, controller, bios, os?) does not find "the boot sector" (mbr, partition boot sector, startup files).

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    Oh nevermind, I realized that the bios battery was leaky, almost leaked over the board, but I managed to catch it right before. I took the wires and soldered a cr2032 to it and it seems to hold the bios data. Since the bios was the only thing that changed since the system was put away; i realized that the problem was in the bios settings. Sure enough, changing the bus speed from 8.33Mhz to 8Mhz fixed the issue. I managed to get an image of the hdd and can include it if anyone is interested

    Thanks for the help anyways.


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