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Thread: Osborne Vixen Repair Help

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    Hi all, I've recently bought two osborne Vixen's that were in need of repair, one was partially working and would display from composite but nothing would appear on the crt, and the other was stone dead, psu at fault
    I just recapped the two today and even recapped the power supply, however, now they both produce a whirr or whine and do nothing, and when i turn the computers off the whirr slows down and eventually stops, did i do something wrong? how can i troubleshoot these? Any help is appreciated!

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    If one worked before the repair and now doesn't work then the repair job wasn't a repair job. Details would be needed as to were the right components used, were they installed correctly. Any issues with traces, any bridged solder joints. And so on.
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    both are partially functioning now, however, neither crts work on either machine.
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    This is something that me and a friend recently discovered by accident, but did you recap using spec rated capacitors, or low ESR types?
    Apparently some switch-mode supplies do not like the upgrade and it causes really strange voltage issues.
    Likewise, are you at all able to verify the presence of tube anode voltage and/or filament power?
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    Hi, yes they are the right spec, i have only recapped one since the other was giving the right readings voltage wise, and how do i check the last two things you said? The heater glows but thats all i see.

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