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Thread: mystery computer identification

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    Default mystery computer identification

    Hello everyone. I picked up this mystery machine a couple months back and have been unable to identify it. It has an 8086-2 cpu. there are no manufacturer marks anywhere on any of the boards that I can identify. Most chips inside are either hitachi or nec, leads me to believe it may be a japanese built machine? It reminds me a bit of my hitachi mbc unit that I have. here are some pics, can anyone help? I have no peripherals for this machine, hoping to find a monitor and keyboard pinout at least.
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    If nothing else, that odd D connector on the back for the serial connection is a standout item.

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    It's not a D sub connector--it's a "micro ribbon" 24-conductor connector as used for GPIB/HPIB/IEEE-488. Using it for RS-232C is definitely non-standard and could lead to grief if plugs get swapped.

    The PCB word does seem to resemble a lot of Japanese stuff that I've seen, but I've never seen this particular specimen.


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