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Thread: Massive barn find!

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    my 1535 boots and has a working drive - i'd be glad to take you up on that, i'll shoot you a message.

    in other news recapped the dc-dc boards in both 1550s, and they both came back to life.. except the backlights. everything else (fdd, hdd, serial etc) works, and i can see that the screens themselves work fine (as does external vga) but no backlight. does someone far more knowledgeable/experienced have any ideas? or schematics/voltages/test points to point me towards? do the backlights themselves fail? any info would be appreciated, this isn't an area i've dealt with before.

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    The 1550sx was available with an LCD (common) and a less common VGA Plasma option. Yes, backlights definitely can fail... I don't like to remember those days. I think the LCD backlight voltage is like 130VAC and the Plasma 33VDC. The 1520/1530 have different power supplies depending on the display type. The 1550 is a different breed and I don't recall if it had different power supplies or if there were different mainboards with voltage converters depending on the display type, or both. I have a 1550sx service manual with schematics somewhere. I'm currently getting ready to post all my Grid stuff on a website I'm building but I'll try to find this manual for you ASAP.
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