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Thread: PDP 8" disks for cost of shipping

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    Default PDP 8" disks for cost of shipping

    In a batch of TANDY Model II stuff, I found the following disks, which appear to be DEC-related. I can't image them yet, don't want to re-use them without imaging, and wonder if there's anything of use on them for someone else.

    As such, if someone wants to pay shipping, I'll send them on their way:

    I forgot to set the notification on this post, so PM me if interested.
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    I can image them, sending PM

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    Received the disks in good condition yesterday. I'll update this thread as I get the images made and uploaded. It will be a long process.

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    CTS-300 is a timesharing system that runs on RT/11. A company that I worked for ran the whole company on a PDP-11/34 running compiled Dibol programs on CTS-300. Later they upgraded to an 11/44 running CTS-500. With CTS-500 you could do software development while timesharing was running.
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