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Thread: Retro/vintage repair in hacker/makerspaces in the Netherlands?

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    Question Retro/vintage repair in hacker/makerspaces in the Netherlands?


    Can any of you recommend any good hackerspaces or makerspaces in the Netherlands where people tinker with vintage/retro hardware?

    I've been wanting to get into the repairing of vintage computers lately, but I live in a city apartment without the proper space to set up a work lab. Also, instead of having to buy lots of tools and equipment for this, I'd prefer just paying a subscription to do this in some place that's set up for this, and where there are other experienced people who I could ask for help or advice, and whom I could hang out with.

    I know that the AwesomeSpace in Utrecht used to occasionally host "Repair All The Things" evenings, but I don't see any such events planned there lately. (It's noneletheless a cool and fun place, though. I've visited there once. It's a Valhalla for retro gamers.)

    Do any of you know of a space and/or community that's set up for retro/vintage hardware tinkering?

    Although one-time events are interesting too, I'm looking for a place where I can go to every week, as a hobby thing.

    (I also posted this question in the Vogons forum.)

    Thanks! 🙂

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