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Thread: The AT as a minicomputer/server

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    A-Quality Computer
    Advantage Computer
    Everex AT

    had a (Phoenix) BIOS containing this message in the 1988-1989 time frame...

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    ...and then there's this from 1984:

    The IBM AT will be the first IBM microcomputer which is a truly multitasking, multi-user system, It is built around the Intel 80286 microprocesser
    with 16/24 bit architecture and uses the Xenix operating system.
    The IBM AT multiuser system is currently configured for a maximum of three work stations...

    XENIX was a Microsoft product at that time.

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    And in the 1984 timeframe the best selling Xenix computer was made by Tandy.

    Xenix running on the 6MHz 68K in the TRS-80 16B would wipe the floor with a 6 MHz 286.

    But I digress; while I was an associate at a Kmart in Atlanta in the 1986-87 timeframe, the Kmart layaway PoS machine was an AT clone ( I want to say made by Fujitsu, but that memory could be faulty) and running Concurrent CP/M; I remember looking up the hotkey to switch virtual screens; one of the virtual screens had a command prompt.

    Hilarity insued.
    Thus spake Tandy Xenix System III version 3.2: "Bughlt: Sckmud Shut her down Scotty, she's sucking mud again!"


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