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Thread: Compaq Portable - Power supply and Floppy controller

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    Default Compaq Portable - Power supply and Floppy controller

    Hello from Germany,

    I have a Compaq Portable Plus in my collection. It has a beyond-repair power supply and a bad floppy/printer board.
    Does anybody have those parts or a parts machine and is willing to help me out? For two years I have been unable to obtain these parts
    as the Portable/Portable plus models are very uncommon in Europe and I like to get it in running, original condition.

    Thanks for any offers!

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    Capt. Obvious here, have you checked the tantalum capacitors to see if they are shorted. That was what stopped my floppy control working. Now I'm a happy gotek user.

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    Sadly, it is a little more complicated than that. The previous owner of the machine already tried to fix the PSU (which probably had a very simple problem in the beginning), in the process he obviously swapped a lot of components with wrong ones he had on hand and managed to kill it entirely by burning out traces and the transformer (!).

    I tested the machine by running it with a modified AT PSU externally, everything was fine, including the keyboard. Then eventually the floppy controller died. It does still access the drive but doesn't read or write to the floppy anymore. It works fine with another controller. I already replaced all the tantalum caps beforehand because I don't like fireworks in my computers

    I'd really like to get this machine back into an original state, so I was hoping somebody might have a parts machine. Even a broken (but still fixable) PSU would be fine for me.


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