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Thread: a Few I have restored

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    Default a Few I have restored

    1982 TRS-80 Model 3, 48K, 2x180K FDD, R/S High Res Graphic card on Langley St-Clair Phosphorus Amber CRT.

    1984 CPC Model 44 - Computer Place Centre Business Systems Model 44 ( aka TRS-80 Model 4 ) 128k, 2x360K FDD, on Langley St-Clair Phosphorus Green CRT

    1984 TRS-80 Model 4, 128K, 2x360K FDD on Green CRT (Tandy), DWP210 Daisy Wheel full carriage Printer, and external Gotek

    Gaming: i7-8700K, 16GB, 1TB SSD, RTX 2060, Dual 27" LG IPS Monitors.
    Vintage: TRS-80 MODEL 4, 128K RAM, Internal: 360K FDD, Gotek USB FDD & FreHD HDD Combo, External: 360K & 720K FDD, RS232-WIFI MODEM, DWP-210
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    Very, very nice. Looks to be museum quality.
    Surely not everyone was Kung-fu fighting

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    I found one of those TRS80 units dumped on the side of the road, a long time ago. It was pristine inside and out, but no extras (no disk drives, no extra ram or anything).

    A test of the power supply confirmed that it had let go, letting high voltages run rampant, destroying every chip on the boards. And they were all soldered in. I didn't have time to deal with it, and it was a long time ago, so it was binned.

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    Very nice, Patrick.

    Where did you find the Spock hi-res image please?



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