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Thread: any suggestions for trying to recall forgotten pins?

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    Default any suggestions for trying to recall forgotten pins?

    In the case of the Chromebook I am persuaded the unit is at fault. Forget that.

    But the case with about 3 old phones and a tablet, all having similar pins, I'm to blame for not writing them down somewhere. Live and learn I guess. I totally cannot recall them, and tnere's only 2 between them, and they're very similar, 1 set of digits being repeated consecutively in either case. It's maddening, such a simple sequence.

    So do I printout 10,000 possibilities and stare at them until I guess which ones are likely correct? There must be a method to this madness.

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    Muscle memory? Try entering pins with your eyes closed. Do your hands tell you they were done with one finger or with two? One hand or two? Were the digits more likely to be on the same row or the same column? Holding the device in your hand (optimally preceded by a routine that you performed often such as unplugging it from its charger or removing it from a holster) may help you remember this.

    This may not give you the exact pin but it should dramatically reduce the possibilities.

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    Just walk across the floor in bare feet--you'll find them.

    ...or did you mean PINs (Personal Identification Numbers)?


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