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Thread: Toshiba Libretto 50 CT or Compaq Portable EGA card or JVC 26pin for a PCI Voodoo 3?

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    Default Toshiba Libretto 50 CT or Compaq Portable EGA card or JVC 26pin for a PCI Voodoo 3?

    Hey everyone!

    I'm looking to get my hands on a PCI Voodoo 3 or PCI graphics card of equal capability.

    I'm offering a Toshiba Libretto 50CT or a Compaq Portable EGA graphics card (aka Compaq Enhanced Color Graphics), or cash if none of those float your boat.

    Things I may be willing to trade:
    - I also have an ATI VGA Wonder+ with TTL and VGA with InPort mouse bus
    - Kaypro IV'83
    - Cyrix 486Srx2 50Mhz (clip on 386sx 25Mhz upgrade)
    - Columbia Data Products MPC1600-4 (256k version)
    - Kaypro PC (EXP-like)
    - Working JVC 26 pin hard drive, pulled from Toshiba T1200

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    oooch, I've been looking for one of those Compaq EGA cards for a while, but I haven't got anything nearly as new as that voodoo you want.
    All my PC stuff is ISA-era...
    Current favorites: IBM 5160 (EGA+Hercules+PGC, 8 floppy drives, XT-IDE), DCC D-116 (Nova 1200 clone), ASR 33 Teletype (now FULLY armed and operational! Mostly.)
    Wishlist: IBM 5161 (expansion chassis), Diablo 31/RK02/RK05 or equivalent, Data General Nova software, and the meaning of life.

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    What does the ATI VGA Wonder+ look like? Google is failing me. It's an ISA card, right?

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    That's right, it's a nifty 16/8 bit ISA VGA card with VGA and Digital RGB TTL outputs. But it has a trick up it's sleeve: It can display incompatible TTL signals on any TTL monitor. It can run CGA and EGA on MDA monitors, MDA and EGA on CGA monitors, and MDA on EGA monitors.

    Here's a what that card looks like and a couple of examples of it's TTL trickery.


    Windows 95 with EGA driver on MDA and CGA monitors

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    Im interested in the JVC drive, the Cyrix 486srx2, The Kaypro iv, the ati vga wonder, and the Libretto 50CT. How much for the bundle? I believe I do have some equivalent pci video cards, I can look tonight and see what models I have laying around.

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    Not to change the subject - just to give it a bit of a bump - thinking about your request I remembered that I have a PCI Voodoo accelerator with pass-through installed to an Nvidia 4000 in a Pentium II machine, and just wondered - does this arrangement actually do anything or is the Nvidia so fast that it is pointless?

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