This monitor has been in my horde for something like 25 years. I don't remember how I acquired it, just looking to pass it on to someone that can use it.

The monitor does have a few age related issues, as it is 30 years old. The picture is a bit "soft" and also a bit dark. There is no burn-in on the screen and I have not used the monitor much at all in the 25 or so years I've owned it. The monitor has a DE-15 with just the pins required to get monochrome video out of the green channel, which could be why it's a bit dark, since it's not getting all of the color information. I'd surmise an adapter to combine all of the RGB signals to the green channel would brighten up the image, and allow things that only appear on the red and blue channels to be seen on the screen.

The plastic all over has yellowed moderately, and the power button is also a bit wonky, as it went brittle and broke once. It's been super glued back on, but it's still a bit wonky.

One final note, this monitor requires a "dumb" VGA card that always outputs a video signal to work. As this monitor doesn't have EDID, most cards from the late 90s onwards won't work because they want to detect a connected monitor before outputting a video signal.

I'm looking to get $40 plus shipping to the lower 48 states. I'm open to reasonable offers as well.