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Thread: Samsung Samtron SC-452 monitor, service manual/schematics needed

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    Default Samsung Samtron SC-452 monitor, service manual/schematics needed

    The full model designation on the back is "SC-452A2", but the interwebs is drawing a total blank on that, so "SC-452" may have to do.

    My options for obtaining this type of document seem to be
    1. Buy a purported PDF from one of a veritable legion of websites, all of which look about as legit as the last email you received from a deposed African prince telling you about his gold bullion; OR
    2. Buy a physical copy on eBay for a kinda-sorta similar model, and with the grotesque costs of global shipping, pay the equivalent worth of the monitor itself

    So this is a long shot... but if anyone has a copy and wouldn't mind scanning it, I'd be mighty thankful. :: :: :: blog

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    All OK, found it at (You'd think that would be one of the first search results that comes up... not even close.) :: :: :: blog


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