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Thread: MFM harddisk emulator

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    Default MFM harddisk emulator

    I am thinking of acquiring two Altos machines (986 and 886) which don't boot (a swap with some other machines I have) and as I already have a working Altos 586 I was thinking of perhaps cloning that harddisk.
    Now, I have not checked yet which harddisk it has but if it is MFM that would be possible with a solution like DREM.

    But I was wondering if there were any other solutions that can emulate an MFM harddisk ?
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    This one?

    Regards, Roland

    Edit, ik zie dat je Nederlandstalige folders op je site hebt
    Ik heb hier nog folders/prijzen van de Altair 8800 in het Nederlands.
    Misschien kan ik er een scan van maken als je dat leuk vindt...
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    WTB: Case for Altair 8800 ...... Rolands Github projects

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    Indeed I think the other links point to the same excellent product.

    here is the google group

    I've used it extensively to provide MFM emulation for cromemco, and as (cromemco) fans will appreciate the STDC hard disk controller did not even use sectors (just tracks) and it worked there.

    So surely Altos emulation would be a /piece of cake?/

    regards m

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    A user reported Altos 886 was working.


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