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Thread: Wanted: 486 VLB Motherboard

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    How many VLB slots are you requiring for a 486 board? I have a Soyo SY-4SAW2 board (need to get the BIOS chip back to normal since the patched BIOS crashes the system) that has 1 VLB slot, 4 ISA slots, and 4 PCI slots with integrated I/O, including a PS/2 mouse 2x4 pin header, which is icing on the cake. It had slight battery leakage, but I removed the battery, repaired the damaged traces (had slight damage, but ended up soldering wires from one end to the other so that the repairs are made and works without issues), and installed a CR2032 battery holder with the diode D2 removed (charging circuit for the NiCd battery, which is not needed for the CR2032 battery).

    Another one I have is a PC Chips M912 V1.7 with real L2 cache (256KB, 7 ISA slots, 3 VLB slots and can take a CPU from 25MHz FSB to 50MHz FSB and the VLB slots can be changed from 0WS (<=33 MHz) to 1WS (>33MHz). Will include the manual for the motherboard as a reference guide for setting the CPU speed and other factors. Can take up to 1MB L2 cache (will include the 512KB L2 cache upgrade chips since I never used them) and 64MB SIMM-72 (up to 2 sticks) or SIMM-30 (2 banks of 4 slots) FPM between 60ns to 80ns. Has the Award BIOS from 1995 (Y2K bug fixed) and will include the original AMI WinBIOS chip as well in case you'd like to use that chip. The board was cheap since it had a broken CPU lever arm and swapped the parts around from a dead Socket 3 board that lost everything from the battery leakage. Uses a CR2032 battery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by allCAPPS View Post
    I didn't know they used baby AT. Too bad it has the damage. Otherwise I'd take you up on that.
    Fair enough! If you change your mind all it'll need is a controller card plugged in to work! It's apparently an American Megatrends Super Voyager VLB-3

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    Thanks for the replies. I'll keep in in mind RadRacer203.

    retro-pc_user - I have some boards you might be able to repair. I'll message you.
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