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Thread: Compaq Portable I Lo-Tech ISA XT CF adapter boot issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trixter View Post
    The 5170 and 5162 (IBM AT and XT-286) can't use XT-IDE cards as there is an incompatibility with the XUB and the BIOS on those systems. The only way the XUB works on them is if the BIOS is replaced with one from AMD. So the 5170 and 5162 are not good systems to test XT-IDE cards in.
    That's true, more so for the 5170 though now it seems, Fitting just the lo-tech isa - cf adapter with nothing attached should be enough to see if it still exhibits the same issue's, The OP doesn't seem to have a more suitable PC to test in, An XT 5150 / 5160 would be more suitable.

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    May have inadvertently stumbled onto the source of the problem. Or apparent problem might be more accurate. Got a text from the guy I got the Compaq Portable from, he found the missing original manuals. So I picked them up after work on Friday. He had all three plus a cool brochure highlighting the differences between the standard portable and the plus. Was reading through them and found an interesting comment on page 5-3 of the operations guide.

    "Note: When you turn your Compaq computer off, you need to wait 15 seconds before turning it back on. There is a safety mechanism built into the power input circuits to safeguard your computer from power surges, such as those caused by lightning. If you do not wait 15 seconds, this protection mechanism sees the break in power as a power surge, and will not allow the computer to come back on."

    After some experimentation, it would seem that it always powers back up after anything over about 13 seconds.

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    OH! I didn't realize when you said "power cycle" that you meant "rapid power cycle". I guess you must not have tried the "rapid power cycle" after the XT-IDE was removed or you would have seen similar behavior.
    I always wait at least 15 seconds after turning off a PC before turning it back on. Sometimes, one needs to wait more than 30 seconds or 1 minuet to allow residual charges to dissipate in capacitors and even RAM.
    This is one reason that a reset button is a good idea. The old machines that didn't come with one can benefit from having one hooked up.



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