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Thread: USB internal from GCT-8IT not work

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    Default USB internal from GCT-8IT not work

    I have motherboard GCT-8IT.

    Neme of motherboard : TMC P55CIT
    motherboard id: 08/19/97-i430TX-2A59IG99C-00
    Chipset : Intel Triton 82430TX
    BIOS Type Award: Award Modular BIOS v4.51PG

    There is a connector 2*5 pin on the mother board, i have added support for 2 USB in this connecteor but it don't work.
    OS is win98 Se, all drivers and chipset are installed.

    there is no yellow exclamation mark on peripheral manager.

    I tested by inverting D + and D-, it still does not work. +5v and GND is ok.

    what can prevent the usb from functioning at the hardware level, a resistance? a diode? a capacitor?

    In the bios there is no option on the usb port.

    Keyboard DIN 5 is ok, mouse DIN 6 is ok.

    Manual for this motherboard doesn't exist, only for GCT-8ITB, is not a same.

    May be a jumper that allows the USB, all the information of the jumpers are documented on the motherboard, excepted one, J4 in which there is 1.75 v.

    there are people who have this motherboard but do not want to divulge the documentation or even to jumper them

    Has someone already had this problem ?

    Any idea ?

    Thanks for your help.
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    Just add a USB 2.0 PCI card. I never got any USB 1.0 controller to work in Win9x, even with the drivers correctly installed.

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    I added a pci card connectland with 2 usb2 port and 2 PS/2 port which works great but I wanted to know why it was not working, I could have used these ports for a mouse or something else, it would have freed me both other usb2 port.

    in this post this person has the same card as mine, but does not want to disclose the information on the jumpers, it's a shame.

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    430TX motherboards support for USB was very limited. Some could be made to work with an updated BIOS and the correct BIOS settings; some would never work.

    I have had USB 1.x ports working under Win9x with a slightly later motherboard chipset. However, it seemed to have a problem with the USB mouse, frequently forgetting the mouse was installed and requiring the installation of new set of drivers. Stick with a PS/2 mouse if you can or even a serial port mouse if necessary.

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    thanks for this info,
    but i find it not cool that some people don't want to provide info on some products i saw other people who needed info about this motherboard and i couldn't reply to them because i didn't have them myself. afterwards, we cannot force people to provide information about this motherboard.

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    are there other bios apart from the original, and the beta version from GCT-8ITB ?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timo W. View Post
    Just add a USB 2.0 PCI card. I never got any USB 1.0 controller to work in Win9x, even with the drivers correctly installed.
    Really? Its not that hard. I just redid abgateway 2000 P5-200 and had the usb 1.1 ports working fine so i could use usb flash drives smaller than 8gb.

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    Yes, it's not hard if you enable USB in the BIOS, install the drivers, and do not have resource conflicts. So for all we know, he just has a bad board.

    OP: I've never seen jumpers needed for USB. I think you'll need to look elsewhere for what the issue is.

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    As a check, you might consider booting an older version of Linux to see what it finds.

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    @the3dfxdude, there is no usb option on BIOS, all drivers is installed correctly.

    @Chcuk: thanks, I will try with a linux.


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