This Gateway Windows XP computer comes from 2006 or 2007, so it might not be considered particularly ďvintage,Ē but it is free! You must be able to pick it up from me; Iím not shipping it. Iím located in Arlington, Virginia.

Gateway model 838GM:

Pentium 4

512mb RAM

200gb HD;

DVD+/-RW drive and 48X CD-ROM drives

17Ē monitor 1280x1024 monitor

Gateway PS/2 keyboard;

(Iím also including a Gear Head brand wireless USB keyboard with built-in padded palm rest that I found helpful for CTS.)

I no longer have the Gateway PS/2 mouse that came with the system. Instead, Iíll throw in the USB mouse that I used with the system back when it was my daily driver. (The scroll wheel on the mouse is broken.)

Comes with the Windows XP recovery DVD from Gateway.

The ethernet card is not the original one that came with the system (I replaced the original one after it broke). Iíll include the CD-ROM that has the drivers for the replacement ethernet card.

The system works fine; no problems that I know of.

pictures available at: (mouse pad not included...Iím short on those!)

Again it's free, but if you happen to have an issue of Computer Shopper from the early 1990s that you can spare, I'd be happy to take that in exchange. If you don't have such an issue, no worries.