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Thread: Please add "Confirm if you want to leave this page" to PMs

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    Default Please add "Confirm if you want to leave this page" to PMs

    I just got through writing a long and detailed response to a requestor via the PM facility. I wanted to add a bit of data, so I clicked on the web search box on my browser. To my horror, I discovered that all of the carefully-researched text that I wrote was now gone and was unrecoverable. (why PM text isn't auto-saved is another mystery).

    Can we please have an alert added to the PM feature that says "Do you really want to do this?"


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    Yes, I've done that many times, and it's frustrating to loose a lot of text with specific details and URL's that take time to look up.

    Another problem is the short time you have as being logged in, and it automatically times out before you save your work.
    When you do try to save your work it will ask to leave page, and if you do, your work is gone, but you are allowed to login.
    GREAT to be logged in but the cycle repeats itself as you start re-typing the material again.


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    The auto-save doesn't always work either. I try to remember to put the entire message in the paste buffer before posting. That way, the MB software isn't involved. Just consider it part of the signature.


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