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Thread: Problem when I decompile a .OBJ file (Victor 9000 BIOS)

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    Default Problem when I decompile a .OBJ file (Victor 9000 BIOS)


    I am working on the Victor 9000 machine, to rebuild a BIOS and eventually build an XT IDE board for it.

    I found the .OBJ Files from the BIOS and the DOS and when I try to decompile them, there are some missing code.

    mov word ptr $S16,bx
    mov word ptr $S16 + 00002h,es
    db 089h
    in al,dx
    pop bp

    Or :
    mov cl,0Fh
    mul cl
    db 089h

    les si,dword ptr JPTR
    db 089h
    repz mov al,es:[bx+004h]
    mov $S31,al

    What are those DB 89h opcode ?

    Do you know a good OBJ 2 ASM program ?


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    How did you decompile? There's OBJASM for one (you can select "B:" and "save" to grab a disk image).

    AFAIK on these machines the BIOS is part of MSDOS.SYS, so you could also pull that from a boot disk and let IDA go to town on it.
    I guess you've tried the stuff here? - :: :: :: blog

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    I use this OBJASM, I don't remember where I got it:

    ; OBJASM version 2.0 released on Jan 3, 1991
    ; (C) Copyright 1988,1989,1990,1991 by Robert F. Day. All rights reserved

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    What about disassembling the ROM itself?
    With kind regards / met vriendelijke groet, Ruud Baltissen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruud View Post
    What about disassembling the ROM itself?
    This seems to be one of those machines where the BIOS isn't present on a ROM but loaded from disk when you boot DOS... hence, the MSDOS.SYS suggestion above. :: :: :: blog

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    IIRC, even the font is "soft" (loaded from disk) on the VICTOR 9000 (Sirius 1), so the font file should be in MSDOS.SYS too (or as a separate file).


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