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Thread: AT&T 6300 Monochrome Monitor Repair

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    Default AT&T 6300 Monochrome Monitor Repair

    I have an AT&T 6300 Monochrome Monitor that I need help in repairing. I tried to use the monitor this past summer after I found it laying on the floor of my garage after a near tornado event. I connected the monitor to my AT&T 6300 and tried a powerup. The 6300 came up, however, the monitor was dark. I suspect the CRT is history. With the knowledge of the loss of the monitor, I moved to a VGA card and help from other posts on this forum to have video from my machine. I acquired Sam's wiring diagram for the computer, which included a diagram of the boards of the monitor. I tried to dismantle the monitor and that is where I got stalled. I couldn't get the faceplate off. Chuck(G) from this forum gave a description of how the faceplate is removed, however, I have not been able to do that. I sort of mangled my faceplate trying to remove it. I put it into a box with hopes of repairing it in the future. The pictures below show the monitor and my attempts to open the faceplate to extract the components of the monitor. What am I doing wrong here? There is a 3/4 inch screw in the base of the monitor that once removed is quite difficult to reinsert. What method is used to reinsert this screw?


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    The faceplate is removed from the black plastic part, not further back like where you were trying to pry. The front black bezel pops off and then you can get at some screws. This is documented in

    If the monitor was not on the floor, and then you found it on the floor, it likely fell from a height high enough to snap the neck. You'll need to get it open to see what the damage is. If the neck is broken, the tube is toast and can't be fixed.
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