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Thread: Zenith SupersPort ZFL-184-01 : convert to XT-CF?

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    Default Zenith SupersPort ZFL-184-01 : convert to XT-CF?

    Local seller is offering a ZFL-184-01. I think this is a dual floppy 80C88 machine... confirming.

    Does anyone understand if a dual-floppy version can be modified to be 1 floppy + XT-CF?

    thanks in advance.

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    Highly unlikely. You would have to literally create a custom IDE interface for the laptop. It could probably be done, but it’d be a lot of work.

    But, the SupersPORT is great, and I think a dual-floppy unit would be fun.
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    The SupersPort has an internal expansion slot for the optional hard drive controller. If it's like the one in the Tandy 1400 series laptops, then it may contain enough pins of the ISA bus to create an XT-CF card for it. The service manual may contain the pinout, but unfortunately the copy of it that I was able to find online is incomplete.

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    thats what I was thinking; there were models that had an optional HDD, so there must be an interface in there to hook into.
    Maybe I'll grab it!

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    Yeah, I had one with a internal HDD. I don't think it was ISA, but let me know if you manage to whip up an adapter! As an aside, the sPORT SX definitely is standard IDE though it uses a nonstandard, slightly smaller than usual power cable.
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