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Thread: Need software for Grammar Engine PromICE

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    Default Need software for Grammar Engine PromICE

    I have three of these that I accumulated over the past decade from lucky thrift store finds. I finally got them talking tonight so now I need the software for them. I'd like to have the C source code to the "loadice" utility. Does anyone here have it?

    FWIW, they are a 256K unit with v5.3a firmware, a 256K with v5.2d, and a 64K+64K (16-bits yeah!) with v4.1a. Next step is to see if I can put in bigger RAM chips, then build some ROM cables. The command-line serial interface is clunky, but it's good enough to verify operation.

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    Your thrift stores sounds WAY better than the ones up north if you can find these things.

    here's version 3.2a:

    I have two complete units with manuals, software and a couple cables that my workplace retired. I only need one of them if you want to expand your empire.


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