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Thread: IBM 9404 AS/400 seeking manuals

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    Default IBM 9404 AS/400 seeking manuals


    I recently picked up some AS/400s from WBST and have been reasonably successful. However I am new to the AS/400 series and have no real idea of what each card does and how they should be formatted in the cage other than how they came. Not to mention the fact that it fails its self test and I cannot find anywhere the manual with the reference codes in it to diagnose the issue. Unfortunately the RIFA capacitors in the PSU died before I could get a picture of the reference code. Does anyone know where I can find a manual or better a website with all the card part numbers so I can know what all the cards do and with the reference codes for the machine. When the RIFA replacements arrive I will get the reference code.

    If this is a simple Bitsavers google I apologise, but I have looked and cannot find any. Perhaps I am looking the wrong place.

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    HI there! I also have a 9404 (without documentation, software, etc). However, I do believe the PSU on mine is still good, and the cards are in the original configuration. The only problem is.. it's buried under a bunch of other stuff! Give me a week or two and I'll get it dug out and see if I can get some pictures of the RIFAs for ya.
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    That would be great, be careful with the screws on the PSU they are not particularly strong. Do you have a software image? I think I do. But its nice to know I can get it somewhere as the tape was sitting in the drive for a couple of years.


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