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Thread: Greetings fellow Vintage hardware fans - Hermit

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    Default Greetings fellow Vintage hardware fans - Hermit

    Hi everyone!

    I've just registered so I thought I would say hello and introduce myself.

    I'm an ex IT guy who has become housebound by disabilities. But as they say, once an IT geek, always an IT geek so I have become a collector and sometime fixer upper of old computer hardware from the late 70's to the mid 90's ish.

    I started with a Commodore 64 as a very young Hermit in 1983 which led me to a love of IT and a hobby that became my career. I've worked on everything from mainframes to laptops over the years with hardware from the likes of NCR, IBM, DEC, Sequent, Compaq, Dell, and many more that aren't in business anymore.

    My current collection consists of an eclectic mix, many Commodore machines form the Vic20, C64's of almost all the versions, Plus/4, C16's and naturally Amigas, and as many 80's 8bit computers as I've managed to find and buy over the years, so Sinclairs, Acorn/BBC, Amstrad,Toshiba and a few more I've no doubt forgotten.

    Recently I've been delving into early laptops, and I acquired a WANG WLTC-1 (boots but dead HDD) and a Panasonic JB-3300 which works just great, plus a Toshiba T1200XE and a LEP 9163SX/20. The Panasonic is a beast, bigger than cabin luggage allowances these days!!

    My aim at the moment is to get the Wang WLTC working, there is very little info out there about the hardware which doesn't help.

    Anyway, that's all about me!

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    Welcome! Still got a 128DCR on my desk, still works.
    I use my C128 because I am an ornery, stubborn, retro grouch. -- Bob Masse
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