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Thread: Ken William's New Book

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    I know there are a few Sierra Fans out in the crows. I am wondering if anyone else had a chance to read Ken's new book: Not All Fairy Tales Have Happy Endings? I just finished it (was a very easy read) and thought it was an interesting view point. If you are looking for the nitty gritty of how it was to work for Sierra or specific info on games this is not the book for you.
    Current Wish List: 1. IBM 7531 Industrial Series PC 2. NEC MultiSync XL (JC-2001) Monitor 3. MicroSolutions MatchPoint AND/OR UniDOS card 4. Compaq 14" VGA CRT Monitor (the one that came with the SystemPro). 5. Stacker HW CoProcessor Board MCA BUS. If you have any of the above for sale please PM me. Thank you!

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    Since I'm apparently hard to buy gifts for, I have to wait til after xmas to read mine.
    If ken had released his book back in August, I may have gotten away with getting my own copy by now.


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