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Thread: Company management using Windows 2000 in 2020

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    The only good thing about backing up to floppies is that you lose only a bit of data when each one fails. I don't think any 3.5" media is very reliable for long term storage.
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    What do you consider "long term"? I've still got very readable 3.5" floppies from the early 1980s. (single sided, done on Sony 0AD31 drives for the Preis luggable). For longevity, I'll take DS2D over DSHD any day.

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    The floppies are "OK" as long as they can recover the system from utter disaster (HD and/or MB failure).

    If they can be read by a modern machine using a USB Floppy drive, it should be fine. But, in the end, backups are only as good as the hardware/software that can recover them.

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    What happens if the computer does more than just die? Assuming a fire or flood turns it into a pile of steaming poo, can they easily find a replacement computer to read the stored 720K disks? Plus are the backups stored on site or off site? On the web? Ask people on the left coast what's left of their business after a wild fire takes out a town or two. A 10 foot flood of brown water would gum up the drives a bit, I'd guess. Bad enough having to rebuild, but not being able to recover their files due to lack of hardware to read safely stored backups would put the final nails in that coffin.
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