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Thread: Dell D630 Compatible Models?

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    Default Dell D630 Compatible Models?

    So I dropped my D630 last week, about 6 feet down, and onto cement. It's been a great machine for the past 10+ years.

    After the drop, the battery took the biggest bit (dead anyway), and the corner got smashed. However the computer STILL WORKS!

    I want to keep the machine because I've done some upgrades in the past (processor, ram, SSD, non-nvidia motherboard). Plus I have some extra peripherals (floppy, DVD-RW, expansion bay battery) that I don't want have to buy again for a different machine.

    Not to mention it has all my programs and utilities on it that I use for day to day and business wise and I like the machine.

    Was hoping to by another machine and swap parts around. Which other machines match? The D620 looks very much the same and there are a ton of them on shopgoodwill right now for a song. Will my parts be interchangeable?


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    If it’s like the D600 vs. the D610 my guess would be that despite them looking heartbreakingly similar there will be few internal parts that actually interchange, but that’s just a guess. My company switched to Thinkpads right about when the Core Duo generation came out so I only saw a couple 620s in the wild.
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    Quick google of "d630 d620 motherboard swap" brought:

    Yes, you can indeed put the motherboard from a D630 into a D620 and vice versa. In both cases it will require some extra work on the chassis ( if you were thinking that all things will fit perfectly, they will not).


    - D620 has IR port, while D630 has Firewire port in the same place - some dremel work required, but can be done

    - USB ports on the right side of the notebook do not allign perfectly with the holes - same solution as for the top case

    - A piece of palmrest inner side plastic must be cut out in order to fit in place

    HINT: avoid NVidia boards, they really suck and WILL CEASE TO WORK in a very short period of time.

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    Great, Thanks guys, I think I will stick to finding a barebone D630. Theyre bound to show up at a good price eventually.

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    I've hot air reflowed Nvidia D620/30s and had some success with them staying working for several years. It's best to reball them though with good old leaded solder, the ROHS junk is what makes them stop working.


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