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Thread: Wtb: Nec apc iii / us/au 9801

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    Default Wtb: Nec apc iii / us/au 9801

    Hello everyone,

    Looking for any export NEC PC-98 related hardware, in hopes of finding either an official English BIOS, any hardware differences, or just any strange obscurity by NEC with the series.

    Thanks for your time.

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    I have nothing to sell though I have a pretty complete NEC APC III setup, non working unfortunately. I have the color monitor and SLE board. I have software images and manual scans. PM me your email address if you're interested in any of that.

    There has been a bit of discussion recently about the APC III. An aussie bloke has a couple. I haven't heard from him in a while. They're seldom found machines although they were seemingly plentiful or not too uncommon back in the day on Long Island where I'm from.


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