I picked up a S-100 project computer with a mainframe chassis labeled "Millie" and the board set from Microdyne.

Boards are well made. There's a Z80 CPU board with 2 serial ports and a 50 pin connector that might be a parallel port ???? don't think for floppies, a 64K dynamic ram board plus a D2 floppy disk controller board with IDC connector. Chassis has two 8" full height floppy drives (didn't see brand yet), is missing the floppy drive cable and the two RS-232 cables from the CPU are about 6' long and not connected to the rear of the chassis.

First search for info on Microdyne/Millie doesn't turn up much. I need a boot disk and utilities if anyone has them or can point be to a source. I've got nada for documentation too. Going blind into trying to bring this back alive.

There's a couple of loose wires coming out of the power supply that need to be traced before thinking of powering it up. Then will need some variac time to make sure the supplies don't pop. Also, does anybody still sell made up twin 8" floppy drive cables with an IDC connector at CPU end? Else, Mouser will be getting searched for correct connectors and some ribbon cable. Ebay and Amazon turn up 8" long 3.5" floppy cables. Not. Where's Radio Shack when you need them?