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Thread: Scott VET/2 - A Voice Entry Terminal for the TRS-80

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    Default Scott VET/2 - A Voice Entry Terminal for the TRS-80

    I picked up a quirky TRS-80 accessory recently that we discussed on the latest TRS-80 Trash Talk Live show. It's a Scott VET/2 (Scott Instruments Voice Entry Terminal).

    I don't know much about it and can find very little information on this device. It plugged into the Model I Expansion Port and allowed high-quality voice control through custom drivers. It seems to be a much more robust voice recognition device compared to the VoxBox. I did not receive any software for the device so on the outside chance anyone out there has it, please get in touch.

    The device is referenced in a popular book about microcomputer voice interfacing called "Verbal Control with Microcomputers" by Mike Rigsby.

    Here are some pictures and an advertisement from the November 1980 issue of Byte Magazine.

    If you find anything else about the curious piece of hardware please let me know. Thanks!

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    Would be curious to get a peek inside!


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