Recently I acquired a Quadra 840AV with a monitor along with some cords. Surprisingly the computer is in working order with no battery leakage of any kind, but the monitor is not currently functioning. It will make an audible degauss noise which seems to be a lot quieter than my other CRT monitors when you power it on after discharging and it will make a very quiet continuous high pitched noise but the power LED does not turn on nor does the screen show any picture or light up in any way. The buttons do nothing, the brightness and contrast knobs also do nothing, and the only thing that I found that works are the speakers built into the monitor. Is this something that is a known problem or that is relatively easy to fix? This is my only apple monitor from this generation I would like to try to avoid paying 200+ dollars for another one. I looked over the inside and while I am no professional at board stuff, I did not spot anything visually wrong with the board. I can confirm the computer does send out a video signal so this is definitely a problem with the monitor.
Help is greatly appreciated and please let me know if pictures are needed